The Process, or How it Happens...

We'll have a conversation - your preferences, your ideas

Then generate ideas, designs

I'll do my magic; you'll give me feedback

You'll have a great new website!

I work with a graphic artist, Lee Wallat, and together we will create your website.

To get started, we'll have a conversation about who you are, who your company or organization is, and what your needs are. We'll talk about your preferences, your ideas (or lack thereof!), and if you have an existing site, we'll take a look at that. We'll discuss all the possibilities for what your website can be, and can do for you.

Once we decide to work together on your website, we'll have a detailed discussion to determine what pages you want on your site, the organization of the pages, and any additional functionality (like forms for gathering information or contact). We'll look at sites you like, and sites you hate, and help you to figure out what overall look and feeling you want to achieve. At this point, we'll be able to give you a price and timeline for your project. We'll also write up a functional design document as a basis for our plans. This will outline the functional requirements for your site, the flow of pages, and any other needs that you have. It will guide us in asking questions, determining what you want and making sure that you will be happy with what we will create for you.

To get your project started, we'll ask for a portion of the final cost (typically a third of the total cost). At that point, Lee will start designing, and along with my input, he'll come up with a design or overall look for you. You'll be able to give us feedback about what you like so that the design will be the one you want. We'll continue to fine-tune as we finalize your website design.

With my assistance, you will decide on a domain name (if you don't have one already) and decide on a hosting server (again, if you don't already have one). We'll work together to plan your site so that it is easy to navigate and a pleasure to view.

And then, I'll create your website... with input from you all along. I'll keep you posted by putting pages online so that you can see them as I progress. And, soon enough, you will have a beautiful and unique website ready for business, or members, or the world.