About Me...


Attentive and supportive

Reliable and responsive

A long time ago, in a not-too-far-away place, I was a software engineer, coding in Fortran. I spent a number of years learning how to design databases and software, and, most importantly, how to meet the customers needs. I love to create, to design, to organize, and to write code to make things happen. That is what I am doing now, but now using HTML, javascript, php... instead of Fortran.

As a software engineer, I was responsible for the entire process, soup-to-nuts: determined functionality with the customer, created the pages (or "screens"), wrote all the software, tested (yes! I tested my code, too!) and delivered software packages. I taught engineers how to maintain my code once it was delivered to them. That meant I always delivered fully tested, maintainable software. That translates into fully tested, maintainable websites for you today!

I speak both languages -- English and techno-ese. I can understand your needs, speak to you about the functionality you require, the design you want, without getting you lost in the details of how I'll actually make this happen. I enjoy the process of organizing and working with you to figure out how to set up your site.

And, I really love the technical side - just give me a computer and our plan, and I will make it happen. I will create the website that you want, with the functionality you need, and continue to be here to support the website, maintain the content, and upgrade your site to meet your needs.